Zen Meditation at Myouhou-ji Temple

Experience Zazen with a Buddhist Priest

About Myouhou-ji Temple

In 1733 , Myouhou-ji Temple was opened as a Zen Temple of the Obaku-shu Buddhism school by kyuu-hou-kei Zen Master. In the temple you can see the “Gosen Kannon” statue, a very rare wooden statue in Japan. About 1,200 years ago, it is said that “Gosen Kannon” was carved from the parts of a wrecked ship.

Zen Meditation

Zazen is a practice in which you remain still for at least an hour. There is a bit of an endurance contest. It has the effect of activating the brain by concentrating the mind, breathing, and feeling the flow of time, but it also has the element of discipline by not moving still.

In contrast to Zazen, the purpose of meditation is “relaxation and healing. It is not necessary to stay still, and one is free to be still or to lie down. In meditation at Myohoji Temple, in addition to the sound of bells and the fragrance of incense, we conduct “meditation sessions” to relax and heal the brain while listening to the sound of flowing water, the cry of a brown bear, and other natural sounds produced by the surround sound system, as well as background music at 528 Hz, which is said to repair cells. Let’s meditate while being aware of your auditory, olfactory, and skin senses.


With less and less room in society as a whole, and with the information society, people today tend to be always on the edge of information and time. In such a state, we are distracted, unable to notice even the smallest event that is happening around us at this very moment, and unable to escape from the disasters that befall us. No matter how skilled you are, if your mind is not stable, you will not be able to lead a good life or achieve good activities and results.

Mindfulness is one of the most effective training methods to enhance our natural intuition, to cultivate intuition by seeing what is happening in front of us, to promote calm brain activity with breathing, to avoid making wrong judgments, and to suppress irritating emotions. If you can experience and master true mindfulness, you will experience fewer failures and anxieties as described above, and your interpersonal relationships will also improve. You will learn what mindfulness is and how to practice it. The course aims to teach both logic and practice, not just meditation and breathing exercises, so that participants can learn how to put it into practice with concrete practices.



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