Explore Rural Japan in Omihachiman

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About Ōmihachiman

Ōmihachiman is a historic merchant town only about 45 mins from Kyoto at the shores of Lake Biwa. Located along the old Nakasendo road from Tokyo to Kyoto, the town was once a bustling commercial center and still retains its historic charm. The beautiful Hachimanbori Canal provided transportation and helped the town become a major trading city. The wealth and generosity of the early Omi merchants can be seen in the many temples and other public buildings in the town. Today, the Shinmachi-dori area is well preserved and visitors can enjoy the lifestyle of the famous Omi merchants. The Omi Hachiman Sagami Fire Festival is known as one of the most dangerous festivals in Japan. This festival takes place in mid-March, and people compete to see who is the best on a huge Sagami floats.


Explore our unique local experiences that let’s you engage with the real Japan






Japanese Cooking Class

Enjoy a cooking class and learn everything about japanese style cooking.






Zen Meditation

Follow an introduction to Zen-Meditation and Mindfulness Fudasan at Myouhou-ji Temple.






Horse riding

Unique Experience with Japanese Horses riding along Biwako-Lake.






Farming Experience

Enjoy farming with a Japanese farmer! This experience depends on the season.







Visit a traditional wood beads manufacturer and create your own bracelet






Fishing Experience

Enjoy a Full-day Fishing Experience and Island Life on and around Lake Biwa’s only inhabited island.