Horse Riding at Biwa-Lake

Enjoy a unique experience with japanese horses

About Japanese Horses

Mikanonomori Farm is a small ranch in Ōmihachiman that aims to promote Japanese horses and horse culture.

What makes Japanese horses unique?

Japanese horses are all small in statue (shoulder height 120 to 140 cm). They are very adaptable, hardy and easy to handle due to their size. In the past, horses were a familiar sight in private households, where they were usually kept as part of the family. Until the Edo period, the word "horse" in Japan certainly referred to Japanese horses. However, from the Meiji period onwards, the importation of horses from abroad increased and laws were passed prohibiting the breeding of Japanese horses leading to a drastic decline in the number of horses. The breed is now threatened with extinction. Mikanonomori Farm is working to revive the Japanese horse type "Nyorikei" and aims to create a place for them to play an active role.

What is the Japanese riding method?

It differs from the "western" riding techniques commonly used in Japan today and is characterized by the fact that an old Japanese harness is used for riding. In contrast to a "Western" saddle, which is made of leather and soft, Japanese saddles are made almost entirely of wood. These saddles were made to move efficiently in the changing environment of Japan with its many mountains and rivers. The main focus is on the freedom of movement of horse and rider and on the rider being able to control his horse. At Mikanonomori Farm you can choose between a leather and a wooden saddle.

Horse Riding to Kamo-Jinja Shrine - 1 hour from 6000 JPY per person

During this 1 hour riding tour you will visit Kamo-Jinja Shrine. You will also get an introduction to the Japanese Riding Method and can try Yabusame - traditional form of Japanese archery practiced from the horseback. This experience is recommended for beginners.

Horse Riding to Lake Biwa - 3 hours from 25000 JPY per Person

During this 3 hour tour you will ride from Mikanonomori Farm along Shiga's ricefields and farm lands to Biwa Lake. You can ride along the beach and trough the shallow parts of the lake. You will enjoy a break and a japanese Bento before riding back to the farm. This experience is recommended for experienced riders.


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