Fishing Experience and island life

Enjoy a Full-day Fishing Experience and Island Life on and around Lake Biwa's only inhabited island.​

Okishima Island is one of four island in Japans biggest and oldest lake - Biwako. People on the island have been fishing for generations. The island is home to It’s home to about three hundred and fifty people and is registered as a Japan Heritage site. The inhabitants of the island are the descendants of seven warriors and their families who fled to Okishima after being defeated in a battle near Kyodo in the middle of the 12th century. Their descendants still live on the island and most of the inhabitants bear one of the seven family names. Today, most of the islanders live from fishing. The fishing boats are anchored in the harbor and the nets are hung out to dry or repaired on the shore. In addition to fishing, the islanders cultivate small gardens with vegetables and fruit trees. The view of Lake Biwa and Mount Horaizan is spectacular and it is fun to stroll through the town and on the hiking trails along the coast. As there is no room for cars on the island, the residents get around on tricycles.

Fishing and Island Life experience

On this tour you will first encounter the Okishima's fisherman at the port and join them on their daily fishing tour during a 2-3 hours boat ride. You can watch the skillful fishing techniques from close. After getting back to port you will be invited to their house where you can participate in cooking a typical islands lunch. Of course using the catch from the morning! Later you will be shown around island and its narrow streets where no cars can be fund. You can explore the island more by yourself in the late afternoon. You will take the ferry back to shore in the early evening. If you want to stay overnight, we can arrange a stay in a local guesthouse and make a dinner reservation as well.

Tour Itinerary

9:00 – Meet Okishima’s Fishermen and go on a Fishing Experience with their boat

12:00 – Back on the island you are invited to their house, prepare and eat lunch together

14:00 – Enjoy a tour on the island

16:00 – Time to explore Okishima by yourself

17:30 – Head back to shore by ferry and on to Omihachiman Station

If you want to stay overnight we can arrange a stay in a guesthouse and make a dinner reservation at a local restaurant.


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